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App is helping to protect vulnerable Minnesotans and law enforcement

Via Star Tribune

"Jack Herrmann says he has struggled with mental health issues ever since he suffered a traumatic brain injury over a decade ago. He’s been diagnosed as bipolar, severely depressed, suffering from PTSD and suicidal tendencies. A former security guard, the 38-year-old Brainerd man says law enforcement’s access to that information saved his life. More than once.

Herrmann told an editorial writer that officers went to his home several times in the past 24 months armed with innovative technology that provided real-time information about him, including his name, photo, mental health conditions, behavior triggers and de-escalation techniques. That allowed first responders to peacefully handle the crisis calls to his home and get him to the hospital for help.

The police used an app developed by Minneapolis-based Vitals Aware Services. It’s a promising technological solution that should be widely adopted by first responders, educators, caregivers and others."

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