Admin Sep 26, 2018 11:23:42 PM 3 min read

Breathe99: This lifestyle brand offers products that filter 99% of air pollutants

Air pollutants drastically affect quality of living - particularly in high density cities like the smog we see in parts of China and Southeast Asia. But with recent fires out West, the dangers of prolonged exposure to low quality air, has forced some consumers stateside to explore their options for preventive measures. Abroad, it’s common for many to wear masks, but the low quality, comfortless options haven’t satisfied the domestic market; enter lifestyle brand Breathe99.

The company’s thoughtful design provides masks to people living with asthma or allergies, in polluted areas, in a way that works with their lifestyle. The mask’s low profile features cater to a design-oriented audience, without sacrificing filter quality - as the name suggests, Breathe99’s product protects against 99% of the pollutants in the air.  

Special attention to user experience defines the company’s design process. Features such as smart filter change alerts, air pollution notifications and a simple filter subscription keeps maintenance simple, while saving users time and respiratory systems. With style and functionality, Breathe99 looks to make noise in the respirator market with a stylish and lightweight respirator designed for comfortable, everyday use.

Curious about what makes Breathe99 sleek? See the product at the next Beta Showcase. Tickets here ->