Reed Robinson Nov 25, 2013 10:48:00 PM 4 min read

Introducing our first event – Beta.MN 1.0

Halfway through a recent tech event I found myself meandering through the lobby looking for a bathroom, and my next beer. As I ventured back to the presentations, I ran into a former professor who introduced me to a contact of his – Kate.

Kate was humble, well spoken and had a good sense of humor; needless to say I missed the other presentations. After mutually “geeking out” over a shared start-up concept, Kate and I exchanged emails, planning to meet up to continue the conversation.

Morphology How to Play Morphology - How to Play

A week before we got together, I discovered that Kate was the inventor of my favorite board game – Morphology; something she had never mentioned. I was about to have a beer with a personal celebrity!


Although one of a kind, Kate is not the area’s only undercover innovator; in fact she’s far from it. The Twin Cities is full of bright, passionate people, like Kate, who love to shirk the status quo, and Beta.MN would like to introduce you to them.

Beta.MN events are designed to bring attention to the area’s undiscovered up-and-comers. Bucking formal presentations, Beta.MN start-ups demo their ideas in an accessible, one-to-one format, a lot like a science fair, but with more booze. The events are also a place for entrepreneurs, hackers, artists, investors, teachers and students to get to know each other in a comfortable, agenda-less setting.

Day Block Beers Day Block Brews

As we finalize the details of our first event, we ask for your continued enthusiasm and a bit of patience. In exchange, we promise to host a meaningful event, with good beer and access to local start-ups, all in an atmosphere conducive for getting to know the Twin Cities’ most interesting people, like Kate.