Reed Robinson Apr 10, 2018 1:09:21 PM 3 min read

Cytilife: Transforming how students work, live and play.

Inspired by the 'smart city' movement and its critical role in improving the future of livability, workability and sustainability of people's lives in cities, Cytilife uses smart technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced analytics/ AI to transform how people live, work and play in contained spaces such as college campuses, hotels, hospitals, senior living facilities and retail environments.
The company has built the first ‘smart campus' platform and have begun their journey with higher ed campuses such as Georgia Tech, Georgia State University and UNC Chapel Hill.  The overarching goal is to help students and administration improve the non-academic side of student life such as campus engagement, mental health/wellness, time management, safety and quality of facilities, which research shows greatly impact student success, retention, performance and graduation rates.
Cytilife offers three key services:

  1. 'Smart assistant' app that proactively provides highly personalised, contextual and real-time information to students on all aspects of their campus life.
  2. 'Smart Spaces' an IoT enabled 'smart' space and facility service that provides real-time availability, wait times, utilization of the space and equipment to students and administration.
  3. 3 'Smart Decisions' real-time data and predictive insights to the school administration actual student behavior and preferences, to make investment, resourcing and programming decisions.

Recently, the Cytilife team has deployed their ‘smart campus’ solution at UNC Chapel Hill and have 10 paying customers. They are excited to grow and scale their platform to higher ed and other sectors over the next year.

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