Reed Robinson Apr 9, 2018 4:02:21 PM 4 min read

deltPRO: Matching candidate work style to hiring needs for a thriving workplace

Founded in 2017, deltPRO seeks to help organizations get more people into positions where they’ll thrive.  The idea for deltPRO was driven by a common frustration; too often people were hired with the right skills and experience, but later turned out to be a poor match for the role or team. Mistakes like this happen all the time and they’re expensive, time-consuming and hard on everyone involved. After digging into research on hiring success and failure, deltPRO found that a person’s skills and experience only account for about 11% of mishires. The largest variable is something deltPRO refers to as Work Style, or how someone communicates, receives feedback, makes decisions, learns and participates in teams at work.

The team engaged a psychology consulting firm to create an objective measure of Work Style in an effort to measure the main issue causing mishires and to address it much earlier in the screening process. The result is a proprietary, online Work Style assessment and matching algorithm that’s designed to be used before candidates are interviewed.  When the right person is in the right job they are more productive, they stay longer and everyone is happier.  Who doesn’t want that?

Early in 2018, the team on-boarded a couple of beta clients. These clients are seeing great results with their hiring and are looking to make deltPRO part of their formal recruiting process. The team is working to have their processes automated by June, which will enable a full launch and facilitate significant growth.

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