Reed Robinson Jan 14, 2014 4:54:49 PM 5 min read

Endle helps caregivers monitor wandering patients

Every year the Carlson School of Management runs a year-long program called Entrepreneurship in Action (EIA) where students from the University, regardless of their degree, get together to start and run a company. It's kind of like start-up with training-wheels, where the U backs most of the initial investment costs.

EIA is a program that is near and dear to the Beta.MN team not only because we firmly believe in its "learn-by-doing" matra, but also because it is where the three of us met, almost ten years ago.

The program has produced a host of local up-and-comers (nod to PerkHealth), and this year's bunch is no different. Alexandra Feeken leads the newest start-up to come out of the program, a company called Endle, which has set off to address wandering problems for the elderly. But don't take my word for it, here's what she had to say about her company and product...

Reed: Alexandra, tell us how and why your team started Endle?

Alexandra: Endle, LLC. was born from the Entrepreneurship in Action (EIA) course at the Carlson School of Management, where over the course of two semesters students compete to start a company that is eventually funded by the program. During the fall semester, my team discovered a common problem of wandering for people who live with Alzheimer's and Dementia. To prevent this issue, and to locate a person after they have wandered, Endle is bringing wearable technology to the elder-care market, via a service model.

Reed: Love it. I know you are young, but any successes to date?

Alexandra: We just became an LLC. in December! And we are looking forward to turning on the business model in the next few weeks.

Reed: Where do you see Endle in one year?

Alexandra: After the spring semester is complete, we will have the opportunity to move forward with the company, if we choose to do so. In a year, it would be great if we were selling Endle products in every state.

Reed: Fair enough. Go get 'em Endle! We'll be cheering for you.

Year after year I am impressed by the ideas and talent that come from the EIA program. Please help me in supporting our youngest entrepreneurs by coming to Beta.MN - 1.0. Tickets are now on sale, but you can score a FREE ride with a simple tweet, just click and follow the instructions. Hope to see you there!