Ryan Broshar Jan 16, 2014 6:04:35 AM 5 min read

iCrime Fighter revolutionizes evidence gathering

Imagine you're a police office approaching the scene of a crime. Beyond the traditional items you carry, what else do you bring to collect evidence? Photo Camera? Check. Video Camera? Check. Audio Recorder? Check. Notebook? Check. Laptop? Check. With all these items required for an investigation, it's any surprise you can get out of the car - much less conduct a quick and thorough investigation, not to mention data transfer and security issues for these items once you return to your desk...

Today, evidence gathering protocols are broken, but iCrime Fighter has the solution. The iCrime Fighter Enterprise platform is the first of its kind evidence gathering platform for police departments, private investigators and (coming soon) insurance adjusters. The platform begins with the iCrime Fighter mobile app, a super resourceful app that replaces all the items listed above by leveraging the power tools in a smartphone or tablet. The real value is that once this evidence is gathered, it can be instantly pushed to a secure cloud server that can be accessed anywhere via an online login. The evidence is grouped and sorted, saving hours of time of routine paperwork.

We caught up with Kavi Turnball from the iCrime Fighter team, prior to the upcoming Beta.MN 1.0 event, to see what's keeping them busy these days.

Ryan: iCrime Fighter seems like a great solution. How'd it get started?

Kavi: Mario Galasso, former police sergeant and CEO of At-Scene was inspired to create the iCrime Fighter case and evidence management platform to streamline evidence gathering in the field and bring several security features to the current all too common flawed system. Once an officer starts using a smartphone for evidence gathering, all data stored on the device makes the entire device subject to subpoena, leaving the officer without his or her indispensable field tool. With iCrime Fighter Enterprise, all evidence is encrypted and uploaded to the highly secure AWS GovCloud, enabling easy access to the data as needed with no risk of SD cards, photos, audio files, statements or notes being misfiled or tied-up in back-logged evidence rooms.

Ryan:  That makes a lot of sense.  Any recent happenings we should know about?

Kavi: We are busy going live with police departments located all over the county with our recent launch of the iCrime Fighter Enterprise. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 4.23.50 PM

Ryan: Good thinking! What's next for iCrime Fighter?

Kavi: We see the continued iCrime Fighter Enterprise deployment in police departments around the country. Additionally, we plan to establish the platform as the market leader in evidence and case management solutions.

Ryan: Exciting stuff. Keep it up!

Want to meet Kavi and the rest of the iCrime Fighter team?  Buy your ticket to 1.0 now, or go for FREE with a Tweet. Don't worry, we promise no evidence will be gathered on you at the event.