The Social Lights Mar 23, 2017 4:14:19 PM 7 min read

Leverage Your Infrastructure with Intervotion


Safety operations hinge on the direction and actions of building managers and first responders. Knowing a building’s floorplan, as well as its infrastructure, is priceless information during times of emergency. Having this information on-hand, in a comprehensible format, can make the difference in saving a life.

Intervotion was founded with the goal of increasing public safety through the roles of building managers and first responders. The platform allows users to upload detailed floor plans, including custom information like alarm panels, standpipes, HAZMAT information, and emergency contacts. Seeing the value of this information, the team is working towards integration for police departments, school systems, transit systems, and many more key public-facing structures.

With three tiers of service, Intervotion capabilities include panoramic imaging, omnidirectional navigation throughout a structure, and even drone imaging to map aerial views and landscaping. Users can craft building maps with any level of granularity, all the way down to specifying room dimensions and labeling pieces of equipment. Specific map layers are customized with information useful for police officers, for fire fighters, for building managers, and any other category of user.

Intervotion recently completed its third train-station mapping, an extensive project that will provide invaluable data for both the platform and its users. It is currently in contact with the Minnetonka Police Department and the Security Team at Mall of America to discuss the possibility of deploying this tool. Intervotion recently reached to the office of Senator Amy Klobuchar about being positioned as a Minnesota-based company to provide this tool to the police officers being called to respond to and protect Jewish Community Centers in the midst of recent threats.  This coming week Intervotion is working in a shopping center in south Minneapolis to continue to expand its experience base from schools and transit to other public spaces such as malls.

Intervotion is committed to hiring our nation's military veterans to do this critical public safety work. To that end, it has partnered with Shadow Culture, a veteran owned business that contracts with organizations to help them leverage the values and culture of military veterans to solve a range of complex business needs.

Intervotion, along with 11 other Minnesota startups, will be center stage at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase event on March 30, held at the Machine Shop. The event will run from 5:30-8pm CT, and tickets are moving fast. Reserve your spot today!