The Social Lights Sep 17, 2016 11:34:37 AM 2 min read

TeamGenius is the MVP of Player-Tryout Technologies

Evaluating players has long been one of the most important tasks faced by leagues and coaches. However, curating and organizing player data has consistently proved to not only be time-consuming, but also very difficult.

The need for a better system was obvious to Todd Larson, who was asked to help create a tool to organize and rank player data for a local soccer club. Calling on his previous experience in decision analytics, Todd delivered a product that was desperately needed by countless sports organizations.

Todd founded TeamGenius with the hope that coaches would no longer need to rely on the typical eye-test used for evaluating players. Eliminating the pen and clipboard process, TeamGenius provides an easy way to evaluate and rank players based on performance, all from the convenience of a mobile app.

Officially co-founded by three team members, TeamGenius has achieved integration in baseball, soccer, hockey, volleyball and football, building a customer base from D.C. to youth soccer in Australia.

TeamGenius will look to continually grow its customer base over the coming year, while also securing enough investment to find a full-time home for the startup and grow the team.

Interested in bringing TeamGenius to your league? Come visit Todd and the TeamGenius team on Sept. 19 at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase event. The event will be held at the Target Commons from 5:30-8pm. Tickets are running out, but you can still secure your spot!