Camilla Bendetti Aug 12, 2019 11:01:25 AM 4 min read

Meet the Competitors

The Tournament of Champions is an opportunity to check back in on some of BETA's most exciting startups, learn about their growth and celebrate the milestones they’ve achieved since we first met them at the BETA showcase.

Some of these startups Showcased with us a recent as a year ago, while others were in our very first Showcase, back in 2014. In either case, for each team, A LOT has happened - growth, new products. new markets, new team members, cash in the bank, and the list goes on.

Please take a moment to check out their websites, re-familiarize yourself with their products & services, and then pick a team that you'd like to see win the first annual Tournament of Champions. 


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Meet the Champions:

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Alchemy 365 - Alchemy 365 is a boutique fitness concept that changes the body and renews the mind. Launched in 2015, Alchemy 365 has six locations in Minneapolis and Denver and plans on expanding nationally.

ClinicianNexus - Provides health systems, schools, and students with a transparent, people-centered platform that facilitates better clinical rotation management, from start to finish.

Civic Eagle - Helps organizations manage government policy.

Extempore - A SaaS platform for language teachers that allows them to assign speaking activities and do oral exams without spending class time they don’t have.

GogyUp - Removes communication barriers from the workplace.

Homi -The career center of the future, on your phone.

Kidizen - A marketplace for parents to shop, share and sell gently used kids clothing.

Starting 11 - The world's first live daily fantasy soccer app, where users around the world make live substitutions and compete in peer-to-peer contests for real money.