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Quality of Life and Corporate Bastions Attract New Talent to BETA

BETA hires Casey Shultz & Adam Lingerfelt to enhance its support of local startups

Since 2014, 124 companies have passed through Beta’s programming. Of the 80% that remain active, these companies have collectively raised nearly $250 Mil., while creating 750 jobs. Though these numbers are an incredible testament to the growth efforts of the local founder community, Reed Robinson – BETA’s Executive Director – believes that this momentum is only just the beginning of a much greater era in Twin Cities’ business development.

“We knew that the founders within our network were adding headcount - you’d see a new job description posted in BETA’s founder Slack channel at least once per week,” said Reed. “And now that we have the data to show just how fast the community is growing, it’s clear that this is the time to reinvest in our founders.”

Enter BETA’s latest move – the addition of two Minnesota transplants and former accelerator managers – Casey Shultz and Adam Lingerfelt – who both first discovered our burgeoning startup ecosystem through Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW).

Casey joins BETA with a combination of startup and accelerator experience - she was one of the original employees of CouchSurfing International, a precursor to AirBnB, before moving to the capital side of the equation, as a lead of the Citrix Startup Accelerator. Casey was wooed to Minnesota via the TCSW Fly in Program. Having already considered proximity to family and affordability, Casey’s exposure to an active startup ecosystem was just the reassurance she and her family needed to leave the Bay Area.

Adam joins BETA with 10+ years of experience supporting entrepreneurs, in addition to having run operations for two different startups. Prior to moving to Minneapolis, Adam coordinated the Business Incubator program for the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in San Luis Obispo, California. Adam moved to Minnesota after his partner landed a job with Target’s tech team. Shortly thereafter, Adam started working nights and weekends with the Startup Week team, which eventually led to a full-time position.

“BETA was built by founders, for founders. By focusing on their needs, and by surrounding them with the right relationships and resources, at the right time, we can help them become better leaders. And the addition of Casey and Adam affords us the opportunity to do just that.”

“We’re thrilled to invite Casey and Adam into the work that we’re doing to support local founders, and timing couldn’t be better. We are in one of those eras, where the two-three-person teams we work with today, will become the Fortune 500s of tomorrow. Minnesota’s history is full of them – first in ag, then in healthcare, and then in computing – all it takes is one bold entrepreneur, and an entire community to support her.”

(BETA provides resources and relationships to accelerate the success of Minnesota-based technology founders. Through it six-month cohort programming, and via Twin Cities Startup Week, BETA finds and develops the area’s next great business leaders.)