Admin Sep 26, 2018 11:20:36 PM 2 min read

Runerra: This service matches shoppers with neighbors in need of similar products to combine purchases and save time

The emergence of the gig-economies continues to create new opportunities for businesses that make our lives easier. Runerra is one such opportunity. Say you’re stuck home in a blizzard and need essentials from the corner store or pharmacy. No way you’re leaving the house, but a brave friend ventures out to pick up a few items. Your neighbor finds out and asks to hop in on the order. Why not help out the whole block while your friend is at it? That’s the Runerra story.

The hyper-local focus allows customers to get what they want, from the people they trust - whether it be snacks, toothpaste, or office supplies. In addition to the consumer benefits, Runerra exposes local merchants to new customers, while reinforcing the benefits shopping local.

What formed out of college necessity, is transforming the way neighborhoods shop together. And with recent traction in the Twin Cities, Runerra is already planning a broader midwest launch.

Meet the team, and join the community at next Beta Showcase. Tickets here ->