The Social Lights Mar 13, 2017 12:59:41 PM 3 min read

Sittereco Brings Trustworthiness to Sitter-Finding Process


The stress of finding a reliable sitter was an all too familiar feeling for Mana Bhatt Sanghvi. Constantly facing the struggle of balancing work and home life, Sanghvi knew that she and her husband couldn’t be the only parents feeling this pressure, and she went into action.

Sanghvi spoke to parents. She spoke to sitters. She spoke to anyone and everyone who was willing to open up on the issue, finding that parents everywhere were asking similar questions. “How and where do I start looking for a sitter I can trust?” “What if the sitter cancels?” The need for an effective, community-based network was obvious.

Recognizing this need, Sanghvi, along with developer Paul Cantrell, Carleton student, Kevin Mei, and Macalester student, Cody Molho, and most recently Connor O’Brien, created a platform that connects families and sitters based on real-life connections and personal recommendations.

Enter Sittereco, the app that invites parents and sitters to create interactive profiles, generating points of contact to favorite and recommend users based on previous experiences. Sittereco is home to a community of support and empowerment, fostering trust amongst its users.

The beta app recently launched, driving over 200 accounts and 2,000 engagements on the app. Even more impressive, these numbers were accomplished solely through word-of-mouth marketing.

The Sittereco team, along with 11 other startups, will be in attendance at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase event on March 30. The event will be held at the Machine Shop from 5:30-8pm CTClick here to secure your spot, as tickets are going quick!