The Social Lights Mar 21, 2017 1:07:19 PM 3 min read

ClinicianNexus Team Streamlines Student-Preceptor Relations


The barriers facing clinical students were all too familiar for Katrina Anderson in her time working for an integrated health care system. Day after day, prospects searching out clinical placements led to long hours of matching students to appropriate staff personnel for educative practice.

When posed with questions or alternative options, Anderson constantly found herself in Bob Springer’s office, asking whether or not certain practices and options were possible. As often as she walked in with a question, she walked out with a ‘yes’. On the rare occasion where there wasn’t an immediate answer, they worked to create one. It was then that the two recognized their opportunity.

Together, Anderson and Springer sought out Tim Schottler, a long-time friend of Springer’s, and a highly-skilled software developer. On hearing the plan that the two had put together, Schottler quickly joined the founding team. Together, they created ClinicianNexus, a platform that connects students with preceptors based on shared clinical interests, practice goals, and learning style.

ClinicianNexus brings ease to the onboarding process, providing a simple checklist to make sure each student is ready to learn on Day 1. In the day-to-day life, ClinicianNexus tracks program status, graduation expectancy, and other key notes to help future employers gain detailed insight into a candidate’s experience.

The ClinicianNexus team, along with 11 other Minnesota start-ups, will be on display at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase. The event will be held Thursday, March 30, from 5:30-8pm CT at The Machine Shop. Tickets are moving fast, so reserve your spot today!