The Social Lights Sep 14, 2016 9:24:51 AM 3 min read

Who's Driving Creates Efficiencies for Carpoolers

Carpooling is widely recognized as the most efficient method of transportation to and from events. However, designating drivers has continually proved to be easier said than done. Anne Cramer, Paul Cramer and Mark Wilke recognized this as a universal problem among parents, and were determined to create a solution to simplify the process.

This past August the team launched Who’s Driving with the intention of streamlining the carpool process with an app centered around trust and communication. Available in both the Apple and Android app stores, Who’s Driving allows users to monitor all participating carpools, as well as other members, destinations and most importantly who’s behind the wheel.

A simple, highly-intuitive user interface allows poolers to arrange rides, make changes to existing groups and alert members to changes with the tap of a button. By keeping all the details across all groups in one place, users no longer need to rely on frantic phone calls or group texts to make sure they have the latest information on drivers, times and destinations.

Trust surrounding the driver on any given day has long been one of biggest concerns for parents when sending their children off to daily events. Who’s Driving puts that concern to rest, as parents can maintain an ongoing list of trusted drivers, ensuring that everyone involved is in a safe and secure situation.

Receiving over 100 downloads in just 2 weeks, the Who’s Driving team has their sights set on the top charts across Apple and Android platforms, aiming to be the top-rated carpool communications app within the next year.

Have questions around carpooling? Want to test the app for yourself? Come out to the upcoming Beta.MN/Showcase event. Tickets for the event are almost gone! Who’s Driving, along with 11 other startups, will be on display at the Target Plaza Commons on Sept. 19, from 5:30-9:00pm CT.