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WorkMand: This marketplace helps construction companies find trusted subcontractors in a snap

For construction companies, meeting deadlines adds considerable stress and cost to a wide variety of projects. As a result, general contractors facing delays often take chances on unknown subcontractors, with projects worth well over $10,000, to get work done on time. WorkMand looks to alleviate these stresses and costs by pairing general contractors with certified subcontractors.

Both parties benefit by starting with clear expectations - construction companies need only review resumes and certifications on the platform to make the right choice for their projects. With a hungry community of subcontractors in the Twin Cities, the company plans to expand to the Greater Metropolitan Area and then onto other major cities in Texas, Arizona and California, shortly following.   

The company’s founder grew up in the industry, and hopes to make WorkMand the solution to the industry’s ongoing labor shortage. But for him, WorkMand is more than a business, it’s about family. As a Spanish speaker, in an industry where over 40% of the workforce is Hispanic or Spanish speaking, with family in the business, the startup’s founder is confident that his team already has the relationships and empathy required to make a significant impact in the space.

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