Reed Robinson May 7, 2015 10:00:01 AM 2 min read

Yoyo Takes Care of Client Information for Hair Stylists

No matter how far humanity evolves, and how technologically advanced society becomes, we are basically always going to need to have another person around to give us a haircut. And while our hair hasn't evolved to the point of cutting itself, hairstylists can still take advantage of technological innovation to better their business.

Yoyo CRM is one such innovation, designed explicitly for independent hair stylists, colorists or barbers. Yoyo is a mobile app that gives professionals a more efficient, cost-effective digital system to manage their client information. It makes capturing client details seem like second nature, so that business owners can focus on the thing that matters most: client relationships.

Yoyo is intuitive and creative, with a design to match, and will help take any hair professional's business to the next level. With easy data access, integrated cloud storage and backup, and a deep understanding of consumers on Yoyo's end, count on Yoyo to become an integral part of any stylist's successful business plan. Learn more about Yoyo at their website, and catch them in person at Beta.MN 2.0