Reed Robinson May 6, 2015 9:00:39 AM 2 min read

Arthur Wayne Focuses Vision for Entrepreneurs

Beta.MN is brought to life with aid from our excellent sponsors. Not only do our partners help support Beta.MN 2.0 and the Twin Cities startup community – they provide special services to the startup voted crowd favorite at the event.

Arthur Wayne helps entrepreneurs and business owners get what they want out of their business. The comapny was founded by Justin Cox, and named after his inspiration –  two successful grandfathers. Arthur Wayne takes Justin's ten years of experience starting and building companies in the Twin Cities and applies them to other entrepreneurs growing their businesses. Justin founded Arthur Wayne to help other entrepreneurs build companies that are focused, prosperous, and healthy.

Using a technique named EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®), Arthur Wayne sets out to empower businesses owners with timeless concepts and achieve vision, traction, and health for startups. This process helps businesses renew their company’s vision, focus on the future, and soundly solve any lingering issues.

Learn more about Arthur Wayne at their website.