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Announcing the Spring 2021 BETA Cohort!

We’re so excited to work with these 14 talented startups for the next five months. Through sessions from industry experts, roundtables from corporate leaders, and a community of founders in the same boat, we hope to lift up this next wave of Minnesota startups to find success in their companies.

Learn more about each company below.


Cedar Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort



Adam Finke, George Ulmer

Cedar is a financial technology company focused on improving access to healthy financial products through simple and innovative ways to build credit, determine credit eligibility, and interact with personal finances. Cedar's initial value proposition, the Cedar Credit Builder, is an unsecured credit card extended to consumers based off of their bank transaction and balance data, which earns them improved credit scores through positive payment history.Useabot Logo 1 - Spring 2021 Cohort


Aaron Oesterreich, Katie Youtsos

Useabot, which stands for "usable robots," is the first fully-unified Robot and Software for Robots sales online platform. Useabot sells both (B2B) and (B2C) Robots and software for robots, working directly with the manufacturers and software development companies.


Black Tech Talent Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort

Black Tech Talent

Michael Jackson

Black Tech Talent aims to increase the representation of Black technologists in both corporate careers and entrepreneurship by curating a pipeline of job opportunities, education, community and culturally specific content.

Quill & Cue Logo (horizontal) - Spring 2021 Cohort

Quill & Cue

Alyssa Toft

Quill & Cue is a subscription card service that inspires you to do something simple but impactful – send one handwritten card per month. Customers sign up online, then each month they receive a surprise packet with a blank note card, an envelope, a stamp, and a "Cue Card" that provides clever prompts to help pick a recipient and craft a message.



Thaddeus Medical Systems, Inc. (TMSI)

Steve Scully

Thaddeus Medical Systems protects last-mile Covid-19 vaccine delivery and storage with a smart, secure, and active medical and IoT system.


SoleSafe Logo Icon - Spring 2021 Cohort


Phil Terrill, Archie Clay III, Osei Hill, Brian Saunders

SoleSafe provides cultural asset protection, specializing in sneaker insurance and providing trends, insights, and buy/sell recommendations.




Ben Clark, Joe Foley 

Using DNA from dating app matchmaking, hoodo aligns job seekers and hiring managers based on their specific professional preferences and requirements. With that data and AI technology,hoodo tees up the most relevant talent to job connections. 


Teacher Prodigy Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort

Teacher Prodigy 

Josh Thelemann

Teacher Prodigy is a Growth and Development LMS for K-12 and Higher-Education. The platform leverages real-time classroom insights to generate unique growth and development opportunities for each teacher or faculty member that meet their requirements for licensure and re-licensure.

hello temp Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort

Hello Temp

Ryan Tlustosch, Jeanette Dressen

Hello Temp is a revolutionary new platform that connects employers directly with temporary professionals without the need for a staffing firm. 


High Res Blue Logo Trans


Tim Schuster, Zeb Anderson, Wagma Gharwal

60% of American households deal with a legal problem at any one time, but seeking legal advice feels complex, time-consuming, and overwhelming. The LegalQ app enables consumers with legal needs to prepay for 15 or 30-minute consultations with a licensed attorney in their state. As a result, users make a plan to move forward with confidence, and attorneys get paid.


Kinetic Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort


Kris Eul, Andrew Verboncouer

The place where professionals actually meet. Through weekly, hand-curated introductions, office hours, and coffee clubs, Kinetic connects Members to accelerate progress.


MindVue Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort

MindVue Company

Noah Barron-Cohen, Chris Allen, Jaime Campbell 

MindVue is a VR wellness company, aimed at making the largest positive impact on senior lives. The primary customer base is assisted living communities located in the United States.


Ethos - Spring 2021 Cohort


Luke Wilcox

Ethos is a software tool that helps financial advisors and asset managers generate leads and engage clients on the environmental and social impact of their portfolio. Ethos also offers a free product for individual investors and consumers.


Fairway Play Logo - Spring 2021 Cohort 

Fairway Play

Gary Ziehr, Gerald Rasmussen, Michael Wheelock 

Fairway Play, Inc. creates sports-related games that generate new revenue sources for customers. The first game, Anamules™, is a mobile app for golf, but the script has been flipped from traditional golf apps – Fairway Play has a B2B model instead of the traditional B2C one. The app delivers increased revenue to golf courses by incentivizing golfers to spend more via rewards from the course and the rules of the game.


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