The Social Lights Mar 16, 2017 1:36:51 PM 3 min read

Inkit Brings Direct Mail into the 21st Century


Everyone in the marketing world knows that the digital advertising space is already over-crowded, and it is only going to get worse. As the battle for click-through rates and page likes continues, one startup is looking towards one of today’s “old school” advertising mediums.

Inkit is a direct mail software platform that is taking marketing back to its pre-digital roots, and changing the way modern brands use direct mail.

The Inkit team paid attention to the market. They saw that, as digital marketing became more and more mainstream, leaner startups and Silicon Valley companies were using print mail as one of their top marketing mediums. Upon further investigation, they found that this well-established industry was actually growing, with some companies using over 30% of their marketing budget on direct mail marketing.

While brands were clearly interested in the direct mail space, it was obvious that the system needed to be updated for more companies to gain access. A major hurdle for many brand teams in using direct mail is the expense of sending out postcards, sales letters and flyers compared to running digital ads.

That’s where Inkit, and its team of 15, comes in. Inkit brings direct mail marketing into the 21st century. The Inkit platform offers A/B testing, Area Mail, automation programming, and customizable audience targeting methods. The platform also offers a dashboard to monitor and develop effective direct mail campaigns.

Come and meet the Inkit team, along with 11 other startups, on Thursday, March 30, at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase event. The event will be held at the Machine Shop, running from 5:30-8pm CT. Reserve your spot today because tickets are moving fast.