The Social Lights May 5, 2016 8:23:43 AM 1 min read

Comic Cartel Introduces Havoc to Industry Ripe for Disruption

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The comic book market is booming, yet the industry is begging for disruption. “Geek culture” has gone mainstream, infusing the market with working professionals who are eager to pivot from casual readers to fanatic collectors. These new customers have discretionary income, but limited time. Meanwhile, Local Comic Shops (LCS) are fighting to survive an unfair business model which places them at the mercy of a single distributor. The market is ripe for a membership economy that can serve both constituencies, providing convenience and opportunity for all.

Comic Cartel is an online comic book retailer that aims to revolutionize the comic industry by bringing LCS - and their customers - into the digital age. Having honed our ecommerce services through our online lab shop, Comic Cartel is ready to make our innovative membership platform available to LCSs, providing brick-and-mortar stores with new digital might.

LCS's who join the “Cartel” will be able to offer their customers a suite of membership services previously unavailable. With Comic Cartel, customers receive freedom to manage their subscriptions; gain rewards through our Comic Coins loyalty program; and get their comics delivered in our one-of-a-kind “Cartel Box,” the elegant storage solution that’s caught fire with comic enthusiasts.