Reed Robinson Apr 2, 2018 10:48:00 AM 3 min read

Extempore: The Speaking Practice App

Founded in 2015, Extempore stemmed from one founder's work as a Spanish professor at St. Thomas. She was frustrated by how cumbersome it was to schedule oral exams with her 90 students, since it involved scheduling 90 separate meetings and asking the same questions 90 times.

Together, Susana Perez, Carlos Seoane and Stephen Fluin, then realized that getting language students to talk is a major pain point for most foreign language teachers, and recognized there was not a good, technical solution out there for educators to solve this problem.

Susana, Carlos and Stephen have learned that in order to see success founders can’t give up, even when the most rational of human beings would. Their perseverance over the past three years recently paid off with a sale to Harvard University. In the next year, the team hopes to continue to grow, build brand awareness and have 500 schools in their portfolio.

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