Reed Robinson Oct 8, 2017 10:17:35 PM 3 min read

It’s Time to Take Back Your Health

Communication with caregivers is critical for successful healthcare outcomes; and within the healthcare system, patients and providers are clamoring for solutions.

Michelle Chaffee started a professional patient advocacy service and was assisting caregivers and patients with navigating the healthcare system. In that process she needed a place to more effectively communicate with the entire care team, securely store and share medical information and track and trend biometrics to better manage chronic disease. But the solution didn’t exist.

Alska is a groundbreaking web-based platform for patients and caregiving teams that goes beyond social connectivity to include secure storage of medical and legal documents, biometric tracking and trending, a shared calendar for task delegation and management and permission settings, so the patient can decide what is shared with each carefully chosen care team member.

Alska allows healthcare practitioners to become more efficient and patient focused. As the healthcare system continues to evolve, caregivers are becoming more recognized as an integral and important part of the care team and solutions that facilitate more effective communication are in demand. Oh, yeah and then there’s the data that finally shows us what goes on outside the hospital and how it impacts health outcomes. If you want to see what a patient-focused tools look like, be sure to check out Alska at the Showcase. Your heart should be racing.