Reed Robinson Oct 3, 2017 11:12:35 PM 3 min read

Get Your Pics at Your Fingertips

When the wedding is done, the senior pics have been taken, the marathon is underway, or the Celine Dion concert is over, it can feel like forever to receive a first view and relive those moments.

CaptureLife is composed of founders with significant experience building software businesses around complex, large scale software platforms. As parents they recognized an industry wide disconnect between professional photographers and today’s consumer, who is addicted to their smartphone.

After prototyping, research and being embedded with three of the largest photography related businesses in the world, CaptureLife believes it can become the industry standard for brokering relationships between photography businesses and consumers through their purchased digital content.

With CaptureLife, photos are uploaded directly to their digital delivery, marketing and commerce platform and customers are alerted via email and text notifications that their photos are available in the CaptureLife app. Within the app (or on the desktop), a visual timeline of digital albums builds, capturing life’s most important memories. These can be shared with family and friends, and at any time, photographic prints or commemorative products can be easily purchased within the app.

This new method of connection allows photographers to interact with customers at unprecedented levels through ongoing marketing and ecommerce.

If you are a professional photographer or lab, or simply a fan, make sure to come checkout our next showcase. You may just walk away with a new Facebook profile pic.