Reed Robinson Oct 3, 2017 11:15:15 PM 2 min read

You Can’t Put a Price On Time

Unpaid leave can wreak havoc on a family's life; Take12’s founder - Margi Scott - experienced this first hand.

After three unpaid leaves, the  financial, mental, emotional and physical stress mounted for Margi. After the emergency birth of her twins, Margi’s friends brought over baby gifts, because they desperately wanted to help. But what Margi truly needed was time with her babies without the financial stress of unpaid leave.

Margi realized that she was not the only working mom in the US who felt this way. She decided that while the national conversation of unpaid leave needs to change, mothers need immediate solutions to help them articulate the help they need from friends and family. From this, Take 12 was born.

Take 12 provides the shame-free space for families to take the matter of unpaid leave into their own hands and register for the most precious gift of all - time. Take 12 allows a mother to setup a financial registry which can be shared publicly or privately. The registry can be discreetly shared through email, social media or postcards. Each gift translates directly to more time a mother can spend with her newborn.

If you want to learn more about how to support new mothers come to the next Showcase at Target Plaza, on 10/10.