Reed Robinson Oct 5, 2017 10:01:36 PM 2 min read

Is It Okay for You to Sing Yourself to Bed?

Ever slept near a snorer? It’s no symphony. And the treatments for it are even less pleasant. Millions of Americans are looking for ways to conquer snoring. Lucky for them, a few Minnesotans having been working hard on the problem.

Dr. Adam Black and Dr. Brian Krohn (scientist doctors) were Innovation Fellows at the UMN's Medical Devices Center. There we met Dr. Umesh Goswami a sleep physician who describe a big need in helping patients reduce snoring, without the using bulky devices commonly prescribed to solve the problem. Adam and Brian took on the task and developed Soundly.

Soundly is a game that allows users to fall asleep in a fun and fast fashion. The game prompts users to make sounds that activate muscles in the soft palate and airways. This in turns helps reduce snoring and promote a far more peaceful night of sleep. And it’s backed by a clinical trial.

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