Reed Robinson Apr 14, 2015 10:00:50 AM 4 min read

ilos Videos Takes the Pain Out of Employee Training

It's your first day on the job. You wake up before your alarm, put on that shirt everyone compliments, and make each green light on the way to your new place of work. You excitedly sit down at your desk, only to be handed a two-foot-tall stack of on-boarding documents and training manuals – seems like you have a ways to go before you'll be delivering at an employee-of-the-month level.

ilos Videos was born to make the time between a trainee's starting point and the moment they're hitting their stride as short and painless as possible. With an easy to use platform, companies are now able to quickly and adeptly create training videos for employees, project teams and customers. On the other side, trainees are able to access and view videos through an intuitive software, and get to work as soon as possible. Before they demo at Beta.MN 2.0, we asked ilos to give us the rundown.

Tell us the story of how and why you started your company. 

In 2011, Nick Stokman walked into a new job. Nick quickly came to the realization that on the job training was sorely out of date. “They wanted me to read through this 100 page manual and I wanted to look things up on Youtube. Most people didn’t use video training because of how complicated it was to get started.”

“I remember thinking that if we could make creating training videos simple, I mean really simple, like posting a picture to instagram, we could make things so much better for people on the job.”

We currently help SMBs and Fortune 500s create and deliver training videos in a fraction of the time. We're able to do this because we've developed what several of our users are calling "the easiest software I've ever used."

What's your most recent success or milestone hit?

At the time of this interview, over 300 videos were made on ilos in the last 10 days.

Where do you see your startup in 1 year?

A year out, we see our headcount doubling as we grow. We'll add product functionality with some auxiliary features and refinements. Lastly, we're working on some exciting partnerships that will be emerging later this year.