Reed Robinson Oct 4, 2017 10:11:33 PM 3 min read

The Future of Transparent Transportation

In the face of Amazon and other delivery juggernauts, local businesses need to adapt fast. What people want today is fast and efficient delivery that they can monitor from their phones.

Minneapolis-based startup Dispatch is leveling the playing field for local businesses.

Traditional brick and mortar businesses routinely leverage couriers as their "final mile" solution to get product to their customer. However, the couriers don't offer the transparency that modern app based technology allows. These businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on couriers and no one knows where the package is or when it will arrive. Meanwhile, the average consumer can track toilet paper coming from Amazon or a driver on the way from Uber. This got the Dispatch team thinking… “Why not build a delivery platform to help other companies like ours trying to stay relevant in the face of Amazon/Uber?”

Dispatch customers can request deliveries on demand from their phone at Similar to Uber, Dispatch drivers are then notified through the Dispatch app that a pickup is nearby. As Dispatch drivers move through the phases of delivery (pickup/dropoff), realtime tracking and ETAs are updated and provided back to the customer. No more wondering and waiting. No more angry customer calls.

If you are tired of making excuses for inefficient delivery, come to the Showcase on 10/10 and check out how Dispatch delivers when you need them most.

Dispatch- Tap. Track. Deliver