Reed Robinson Oct 8, 2017 10:14:10 PM 2 min read

Evolving Livestreaming into Live Shows

There’s no denying that online streaming has changed the way we consume entertainment. Live online content has huge potential to be an important part of the online video mix; it's raw, authentic and personal.  But the state of live streaming is still version 1.0; creators have really limited tools to entertain and engage with a live audience, leaving most livestream videos to be random, "hang outs" of low quality. Gravy.Live aims to change that.

In 2016, Gravy saw an opportunity to give talented professional content creators (Artists, Beauty Influencers, Foodies, Celebrities, Fitness Gurus, Lifestyle Experts, Musicians, Travelers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Professional Entertainers) the ability to a host their own branded live shows online that included better ways to entertain and monetize a live audience.  

Gravy just launched the first beta version of it's show platform last week with a growing lineup of over 30 Founding Shows that range from fitness, cooking, travel, music, celebrity gossip, sports and more

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