Reed Robinson Oct 8, 2017 10:16:05 PM 2 min read

Making Science too Cool for School?

Science isn’t a destination, it is a process. The discoveries that science uncovers change every day. Students need tools that can help them navigate this ever changing landscape and with the rising importance of STEM, solutions are needed more than ever.

As science teachers, the Pivot nteractives team recognized a lack of opportunity for students to learn by doing. They began making video-based learning materials in 2010. Funding from National Science Foundation allowed them to refine and research this approach, showing that it is highly effective at helping students master elusive critical thinking skills. After deciding to commercialize, the team developed a web-platform to scale this teaching technique and content, and to make it available to teachers by subscription.

Pivot Interactive provides classroom ready content and activities. The platforms also provides high resolution videos with interactive tools, no simulations or cartoons. The platform also strives to provide a balance of direction and freedom that allows students to follow their curiosity.

If you want to support students in their STEM pursuits come to the next Showcase to see what the future of education looks like.