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Extempore - The Speaking Practice App

Twitter: @extemporeapp

Increased Proficiency Gains


Have you taken multiple years of Spanish and all you can say is "¿Dónde está la Biblioteca?". No wonder, since you never had a chance to practice!

Extempore's SaaS platform is changing the way languages are taught around the world by shifting focus from written exercises to oral ones - fewer quizzes and more speaking.

Since Showcasing with BETA in Spring 2018, they have had 5x growth in revenue and 20x growth in usage. They have a positive net retention rate; when their customers renew, they usually expand usage within their school. They have also been named one of the "8 Must-See Hidden Gems from ISTE 2018" (ISTE being the main EdTech conference in the US) and have made it into Outsell Inc's "300 Companies to Watch in 2020" list.

Extempore allows instructors to create activities with specific parameters and learning objectives without being face-to-face with a student in four easy steps.

  1. The instructor creates a prompt on Extempore’s website
  2. The instructor sets parameters for the prompt, including time from prompt to response and if they will allow re-recording,
  3. Students can log onto the app or website to hear or watch their assigned prompts
  4. Instructors can grade and provide audio or written feedback for their students through the app or website

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