BETA May 21, 2024 8:45:39 PM 4 min read

Meet the Spring 2024 Founders In Training

As part of BETA's Founders First mission, we've expanded the BETA Cohort program to include Minnesotans who are just getting started with their entrepreneurial journey. In 2024, the BETA Founders in Training program has welcomed three bright minds to learn directly alongside the companies of the Spring 2024 BETA Cohort.


Maxine Denis

Maxine Denis is a passionate entrepreneur driven by the belief that business can positively impact the world. In her journey, she aims to start and run businesses that not only serve customers but also provide a supportive and empowering environment for employees. Maxine envisions herself in five years running a successful venture, aiding fellow entrepreneurs, and prioritizing ethical practices that align with her values of helping others. She thrives on exploring solutions to common problems and is particularly intrigued by ventures that promote self-reflection and happiness among people, viewing personal fulfillment as paramount in life.



Zach Meierhofer

Zach Meierhofer, inspired by his father's entrepreneurial journey, is driven by a passion for innovation and ethical leadership. With his dedication to constant learning, Zach envisions himself leading a dynamic startup team in the near future, where he can apply his expertise in both AI and business. He thrives on challenges, demonstrated by his resilience in solving problems and his commitment to personal growth through ventures like building 12 startups in 12 months.



Joshua Vang

Joshua Vang is an entrepreneur driven by a passion for social impact through EdTech solutions. With a vision to integrate his technology into the educational system, he aims to make a difference in Minnesota's educational landscape. His inclusive approach to communication fosters collaboration, while his resilience and growth mindset propel him through challenges. Actively engaged in networking and community involvement, Joshua ensures his entrepreneurial journey aligns with ethical principles centered around accessibility and community impact.



Ogden Rojas

Ogden Rojas is an entrepreneurial visionary deeply committed to solving societal challenges through innovation. Driven by a passion for problem-solving and a genuine desire to understand people's needs, he embraces entrepreneurship as a means to positively impact the world. With a customer-centric approach, Ogden envisions a future where his endeavors revolutionize sectors like hospitality, particularly in house-cleaning. He embodies resilience, continuously learning from setbacks, and fosters authentic relationships within the entrepreneurial community, guided by ethical principles and a commitment to serve others.