BETA Apr 12, 2024 6:00:00 AM 11 min read

Meet the Startups of the BETA Cohort Spring 2024

We're thrilled to introduce the latest additions to the BETA family!

17 amazing startups, each with an idea you need to learn more about, have officially set off on their BETA Cohort journey. During each of the 14 weeks in the program, the founders will learn invaluable skills from subject matter experts (more on those soon - stay tuned!), network with the larger Minnesota startup community, and say hello to the public during BETA Showcase. 

We can't wait for you to meet them. In the meantime, read more about each company below, and drop a comment here to welcome them to the community!

Thank you to US Bank and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development for supporting the BETA Cohort program.

BETA Cohort Spring 2024


Altheia is a healthcare technology company, specializing in seamless data transformation, robust data analytics, and intelligent automation. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, Altheia is introducing solutions like Acuvia to help healthcare stakeholders unlock actionable insights from their data. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Altheia is shaping the future of healthcare by revolutionizing how data is leveraged to reduce costs, prioritize the right care at the right time, and improve outcomes.


The Capption system makes information instantly available to non-native speaking, low-sighted, learning-disabled, and socially-anxious visitors – on their mobile device! By translating text into the precise format they need, Capption helps all visitors feel connected, avoid discouragement, and spark lasting curiosity.

CorRen Medical

CorRen Medical leads in cutting-edge medical technology, specializing in the early diagnosis of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) during its most manageable phase. Our pioneering work includes the development of the UltraSense System, an autonomous, hands-free Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) test for PAD detection. With UltraSense, we aim to combat PAD, the second leading cause of morbidity in the Western world. By 2050, it is projected to afflict 12 million Americans.


With a mission to alleviate the logistical and emotional stress faced by millions of family caregivers of family or friends with dementia, the FamliCare app is designed to provide comprehensive caregivers support while navigating the unique and often overwhelming challenges of dementia care. The integrated tools empower caregivers to organize with precision and collaborate with purpose to love and care with less stress.  Tyler Wirth is the Founder and CEO with a vision to strengthen 11 million family caregivers along their courageous and worthy journey in the US and beyond.

Feedback Sync

Feedback Sync helps product managers build better software by aggregating customer feedback across tooling and providing LLM-based analysis.

FitBox Wellness

FitBox Wellness is a commercial sauna and cold tub company. We solve the challenges of high construction costs, prohibitive code requirements and under performing amenities with modular design and integrated software and content.

Hold Something

Hold Something is a social and business venture aimed at providing all folks access to capital when they need it. Led by an African American executive with over 25 years of experience delivering technical products, the goal is to serve the community I'm from with products aimed towards uplifting us all.

Immersion Family Offices

Immersion Family Offices creates private and secure data solutions for families and individuals.  We collect and deposit key information in secure cloud storage owned by our clients, while providing an out of the box solution to access and utilize data.  Our software focuses on core value planning, cashflow management, purpose driven living and generational learning.


Neobreed revolutionizes the dining experience with an AI-powered waitress, positioning restaurants at the forefront of futuristic and innovative dining. By embracing cutting-edge technology, Neobreed not only establish restaurants as AI-capable businesses but also enhance customer engagement. The Neobreed AI waitress excels in addressing surface-level inquiries in multiple languages, ensuring a seamless and inclusive customer interaction. Additionally, it serves as an informative guide, educating patrons on various queries they might have, thereby enriching their dining experience.

North Star Valor

North Star Valor (NSV) provides recreational programming for combat-wounded veterans.  These programs are designed to incorporate 3 proven therapeutics for self regulating PTSD: art immersion, nature immersion and story-telling.  The programs are therapeutic without being therapy.  Our flagship offering is a 6 day photography program in Ely, MN.  From a recent participant, "Thanks to you guys I have made some big changes in my life.  I'm breaking the cycle because you helped me flip the switch on my PTSD.?


Savii is an AI enabled all-in-one platform that makes it easy to offer a personalized healthcare experience to your employees using an ICHRA & HSA.


Sobrynth provides 24 x 7 assistance for employees and their families who are seeking support with immediate substance use disorder needs and for those employees who are sober curious. We understand that return to work is an integral part of a person’s journey, so as a core part of our services, we supply a world class sober ERG framework to help employers create a safe and trusting workplace.

The PlugMobile

The PlugMobile is a cannabis delivery brand entering the emerging 2025 MN Cannabis market. The company delivers the greatest cannabis flower experience right to your doorstep.

The PlugMobile's mission is to redefine the category by simplifying the pricing, delivering with speed, and surprising you with the experience, ultimately bringing smiles to our passionate consumers.


Twystor aspires to build the next-generation healthcare ecosystem. What's the goal? To build an integrated healthcare SaaS app that truly advances the American healthcare ecosystem, elevates the quality of care to the patient at the individual level, and be in the vanguard to facilitate the healthcare that brings joy back to patient care! Imagine a world where the health status and condition of all of our family members is at our fingertips, and a time in the future when our doctors work as a team at the preventative level to ensure that we maintain pristine health conditions. (Vet Specialists on Demand) is a web and mobile platform for remote collaboration between local veterinarians and veterinary specialists (ophthalmologists, cardiologists, etc.).

Veterinarians use for virtual consultations with specialists to solve cases they don't have the equipment or knowledge to provide care for in-house and/or when a referral to a specialty medicine facility is too far, cost-prohibitive, or booked full. The average case is solved in 12 minutes. This saves money and inconvenience for the pet owner, pets see better outcomes with greater access to specialty care, veterinarians are better supported, and clinics and specialists earn revenue while delivering better medicine and a better customer experience.


xBlock is a startup focused on the future of work and leadership in the hospitality industry. It is a voice-activated web app that offers managers insights into operations and team development. xBlock answers pressing questions relevant to both short-term and mid-term decision-making and planning.


Xyro is an innovative technology company specializing in Extended Reality (XR) solutions, focused on transforming STEM education through immersive learning experiences. Our technology immerses students in interactive learning environments, enabling them to explore complex subjects like Physics, Calculus, and Engineering with hands-on experiences beyond traditional classroom capabilities. We collaborate with educators to develop curriculum-aligned XR content that is engaging, academically rigorous, and tailored to meet specific educational needs. By leveraging real-time analytics for an adaptive learning experience and ensuring compatibility across all XR devices, Xyro is dedicated to enriching STEM education for a diverse range of students.