Reed Robinson Sep 3, 2014 9:12:04 PM 4 min read

Find Medical Device Development Expertise in a Flash with

In the product development world there are few things more challenging than building a solution for the medical market. That's because medical device development not only has the typical product design challenges - functionality, usability, aesthetics, etc. - but must also effectively manipulate human biology, while meeting the incredibly complex standards of the federal regulating bodies.

It's no walk in the park, but others have already been through it. David Amor and Anish Das, founders of, are two of them and together they're building a convenient platform for finding other life science consultants who can help reduce the complexity of developing a medical product.

Q: Anish, how did get started?

A: The idea came on a plane ride nearly three years ago. David Amor, Managing Partner and medical device consultant, thought of the idea as a solution to his own problems of not being able to have instant access to medical device experts. With my recruiting background, we made for a good fit to develop together, moving from roommates to business partners. Since then we brought onboard a Chief Tech and Creative to handle development, and are scheduled to launch an MVP in early November 2014.

Q: Nice work! Since you are pre-launch, what successes have you recognized thus far?

A: To us, our successes sound small, but are meaningful. For example, we were super stoked when we finished our Explainer Video; it was a huge deal because it took time and effort to get the concept to the point of having something to share. Other successes include bringing in quality advisors, like Dr. Susan Alpert, former FDA Director and former Medtronic SVP and John Freund, CEO of JumpTech.

Recently, we went through a mini-rebranding with, which is a great success and a better reflection of the professionalism we want to convey.

Q: Notable. What will your company look like in one year?

A: In one year, our goal is to continue to be on track to create the world's premier online consultant marketplace in the life science industries. To get there, we expect to have a number of features built, including Discrete Project, and a few subscription models, along with consistent user engagement and revenue, which are huge goals for the next year.

Anish, and, will be showcasing their successes at Beta.MN 1.5. Please join us in supporting them; tickets here.