The Social Lights May 4, 2016 9:26:05 AM 2 min read

MyBarJar Crowdsources the Tab for those Looking to Party

Tell us the story of how and why you started your company.

The premise of MyBarJar revolves around an idea that came to be a few years back - A family member was celebrating his 55th birthday at Stella's in Uptown. Though the turnout for the celebration was great, a handful of close relatives were unable to attend the festivities. Our idea unfolded from there - wouldn't it be cool if those that couldn't make it could gift a drink in their absence? A toast, if you will, where everyone could feel like they were a part of the celebration. From there we created the platform to enable this virtual "Bar Jar."

What’s your most recent success or milestone hit?

We are really excited about adding UNION restaurant as a new venue. Having such an established partner in the heart of Minneapolis adds to our credibility.

Where do you see your startup in 1 year?

We expect to have the Twin Cities bar scene locked in within the next year. We believe we can add a lot of value to bars/restaurants/nightclubs and the experiences people are having. We also hope to have penetrated at least two other big cities within the next year.