The Social Lights Sep 15, 2016 8:15:51 AM 3 min read

HabitAware Helps Break Through Subconscious Behaviors

Many habits are a subconscious act, and therefore, it can be difficult for some individuals to become aware of (and potentially fix) the behavior. This was the case for HabitAware founder Aneela Idnani.

For years, Aneela has struggled with obsessive hair pulling. Eventually, she shared this secret with her husband, Sameer, voicing her desire for a device that would give a notification while she was in the act. Aneela and Sameer contacted John Pritchard and Kirk Klobe to complete the team.

The four founders set out with a goal of creating a solution not only for Aneela, but for the 20+ million Americans like her who suffer from various habits. Their work has resulted in a bracelet that gently vibrates to notify the user that he/she is performing the ill-desired behavior.

HabitAware is gaining traction in the public eye, earning mentions in various publications that include Yahoo! Beauty and Gizmag. This past May, the HabitAware team completed the HAX Accelerator program, where they were named one of TechCrunch’s “three startups to watch.”

HabitAware is looking to complete final testing and assembly by the end of 2016. Within a year, the company hopes to have their bracelet on the market, helping the people that the team originally set out to help, while exploring other use cases.

Come visit the HabitAware team at the upcoming Beta.MN/Showcase event. Tickets for the event are running out, but you can still secure your spot at the event! We hope to see you at the Target Plaza Commons on Sept. 19, from 5:30-8:00pm CT.