Reed Robinson Oct 5, 2017 9:46:24 PM 3 min read

Stepping Up to Build Stronger Readers

While Ned Zimmerman-Bence was Executive Director of Minnesota Online High School, he consistently received calls from adults inquiring if they could enroll to finally earn their high school diploma. As he later worked across the country, how vast the need was appropriate educational opportunities for adults to acquire an education and achieve economic security.

It became clear that combining adult literacy with employee training would have a tremendous impact for on two interrelated problems: the lack of adult literacy capacity and a growing talent crisis. After forming a team, the four GogyUp (go-jee-up) co-founders hit upon a highly flexible and scaleable solution to both problems.

GogyUp is a workplace literacy platform that developed for small to large companies with limited resources to ensure universal workplace training for employees with limited English literacy.  Available as a web, Android and iOS app and co-designed with groups of New Americans and previously incarcerated adults, GogyUp automatically embeds proprietary just-in-time reading assistance and instruction within an employer's pre-existing materials.  

By design, GogyUp is a "triple win". Adults with limited English literacy suddenly can increase their reading skills as they attain mastery of job-critical vocabulary and concepts.  Employers gain a window into their employees' understanding and which areas may need additional training. Companies experience increased productivity, increased retention, and reduced uncertainty.

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