Reed Robinson Aug 19, 2014 10:24:56 PM 4 min read

Ulfberht Increases Patient-Physician Communication Between Visits

Studies have shown that a healthy patient-physician relationship is the most important factor in improving patient compliance. If you're not in the industry, that means that the more one likes and trusts their doctor, nurse or healthcare provider, the more he/she is likely to follow the recommendations they've been given to get better. And the heart of any healthy relationship is good communication.

That's the idea behind Ulfberht's CLHOP (pronounced “Klop”) - the pilot platform on its way to being tested by numerous care facilities - which provides patients and caregivers an environment in which to communicate between visits.

To learn about the product, we asked founder Scott Brown to tell us more about how it all got started.

Q: Adherence is a hot field, why and how did you decided to pursue it?

A: My wife is a Physical Therapist, and one night she got frustrated with some patients who had either stagnated in their recovery or didn't get better at all. She wanted more visibility into what the patients were doing and how they were feeling between visits. After building enterprise class systems for the past 17 years, I thought her struggle was a great challenge for the two of us to solve; so I mocked up some concepts. She loved what I had proposed, so I developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and tested it out. The feedback was enthusiastic and resulted in a few pivots. She really wanted the system in her clinic, so she told me to "stop screwing around" and "just build it." I'll soon have working pilots in cardiology, oncology, rehabilitation, joint replacement, pain management and dental facilities.

Q: That's a great story. Thank you for sharing. Any big wins to date?

A: I just completed a successful presentation at MinneDemo 17.

Q: That's not easy. Nice work! So, where is Ulfberht going to be in one year?

A: I'd like Ulfberht to be commercially successful, with hundreds of healthcare providers using the system across the spectrum of care.

If you'd like to learn more about the service, or meet Scott before he makes it big, we encourage you to visit him at Beta.1.5. We're flying through tickets, but you can still get yours by buying a ticket or by getting one for free with a tweet.