Reed Robinson Aug 17, 2014 8:46:27 PM 3 min read

Waitless Gets Diners In and Out and On With Their Lives

You get the look... then the question - "are we ever going to get out of here?" So you attempt to make eye contact with the waitress, but you're ignored as she heads back into the kitchen. Maybe if you prop up and put the little black book on the edge of the table she'll get the message that you're ready to go? Fifteen minutes later you've paid the bill and are allowed to leave. Food - five stars, server's attempt to get you the hell out of there - one.

I assume this happens to other people... And so did the team behind Waitless; this all too common occurrence at the end of a dining experience is exactly what led to the creation of their service.

Q: How did Waitless get started?

A: A big rugby game was being aired at a pub on Nicollet Avenue a few years ago, and there was a huge crowd at there for the game. I found it very challenging to order and also close my tab. My partners and I decided to develop a mobile application that would help customers dine-out more quickly by giving customers control of ordering and making the payment.

Q: Very cool. And how are things going? Any major successes to date?

A: In July we recorded our first revenue.

Q: An important step. If things continue as they have, where do you see the company one year from today?

A: In one year we would like to have 200+ restaurants in our network and have shown the first signs of consumer awareness in several Midwestern cities.

That's great! As a bunch of guys who would greatly appreciate getting back 30 wasted minutes or our lives every week, the Beta team is excited to see how Waitless progresses. Join us in learning more about Waitless' recent successes at Beta.MN 1.5; tickets now available.