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Spring 2022 BETA Showcase - How to Help

Spring 2022 BETA Showcase is here! Whether you're being wowed by the startups right this very second (hope you're enjoying the event!) or you've come here afterward, we've assembled a ton of helpful things you can do to propel the Showcase startups forward.

And if you're interested in becoming part of the BETA community, learn more about BETA Showcase and participating in a future BETA Cohort.

How to Help Spring 2022 BETA Showcase Startups

Dress Up to Calm Down

Dress up to calm down logo-01

Dress Up to Calm Down provides kids with Sensory Processing difficulties, poor self regulation, heightened anxiety and poor attention, with a fun unique tool to help them calm and improve their engagement and performance in daily activities.

How to Help:

  • Follow us on social media Facebook and Instagram
  • Provide us with product feedback and concept feedback
  • Provide us with tips on how to improve scalability


FerskTech Logos Web-40

FerskTech provides business travel procurement professionals the tools to analyze, build and optimize corporate travel programs.

How to Help:

  • Introductions to corporate travel managers
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

In Sisterhood We Brunch

Logo mark white font

In Sisterhood, We Brunch (ISWB) is a BIPOC women-led community initiative and brunch series, with a network of 400+ BIPOC womxn, whose goal is to create an intentional space for BIPOC womxn to build sisterhood and connections that lead to increased social and political capital while healing and uplifting BIPOC owned businesses, womxn entrepreneurs, and professionals.

How to Help:

  • Follow us on Instagram or Facebook 
  • Talk to us about sponsorship and ways to support one of the three brunches we have coming up in 2022! Scan the ISWB Barcode & take a photo with us on our virtual photo booth to experience ISWB in real time!

Jiu Jitsu Five-O

Jiu Jitsu Five-O Black Logo

Jiu Jitsu Five-O provide Jiu Jitsu training and branded training gear for police officers.

How to Help:

  • Download our app in the Apple or Google Play store
  • Follow us on Instagram and TikTok

Kursiv Organics


Organic, lab certified, woman owned CBD products locally grown and produced in Minnesota.

How to Help:

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Subscribe to our email newsletter and get 50% off your first order
  • Provide feedback on our products at our website

Lagoon Sleep


Lagoon matches consumers with their perfect pillow and lets them try it in the comfort of their own home before purchasing.

How to Help:

Lumberjack Technologies

Lumberjack Logo

Lumberjack is marketplace that facilitates transactions between homeowners, landlords, and property managers and companies that provide lawn, yard, and snow removal services.

How to Help:

  • Download "Lumberjack Homeowner" on the App Store or Google Play and submit a request for lawn and yard services for this spring and summer
  • Like our Nextdoor page
  • We're hiring! Let us know if you or someone in your network wants to join a MN-based startup.



To make it easy as possible for companies to hire underrepresented talent to increase representation in the workforce of the future.

How to Help:

  • Make a free account for on either employers or talent side.
  • If they are any nonprofits or networking group directors, we want to chat
  • Follow on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

Muddle and Mint


Muddle and Mint offers alcohol free drinks for adventurous cocktail lovers.

How to Help:

Packed House Live

Packed House Live Logo

Packed House Live is an Exclusive Video/Audio streaming platform helping creators produce, market, and sell their video/audio streaming projects direct to consumer.

How to Help:

  • We have a very unique story because our CEO ran production for 5 years under Floyd Mayweather before creating Packed House Live. We need help getting connected to media to get our story to the masses

  • We're looking for creators (Music artists, Filmmakers, gamers, influencers, athletes etc) who want to learn more about the power of exclusive streaming and produce their own streaming projects

  • We are looking for a Seed Round investment to help us expand our team to keep up with increased interest in our solution.

Pathway Forward

Pathway Forward Logo

Pathway Forward, where different pathways connect leading into the future.

How to Help:

Planting People Growing Justice


Planting People Growing Justice (PPGJ) publishes, promotes, and distributes books that encourage and empower Black children to find joy in reading.

How to Help:

  • Follow us on Facebook 
  • Join our mailing list

Sab Co. Software

Sab Co. Software Logo-1

SAB Co. Software is an early stage B2B SASS startup focused on simplifying the complex administration burdens of employee benefits.

How to Help:



ShotCaller is a social gaming platform where fans make sports picks & win rewards from local partners for playing along.

How to Help:

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Download our app in the Apple or Google Play store
  • Give us feedback about our demo


Shuk Logo

Shuk is a rental property marketplace that helps great tenants find great landlords.

How to Help:

  • Tell us one good story about a landlord you had?


SitEat Logo_red background

SitEat is a mobile ordering platform for in-venue Food, Beverage & Merchandize stand at public events/venues that allows guest skip long line and save time.

How to Help:

  • Download our first version of SitEat app in the Google and Play store
  • Be our beta tester and go through the full flow of the app to get a special SitEat Swag, snack and beverage
  • Give us your feedback, warm introduction to your network who our solution can help, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Sown Emancipation

sown emancipation logo

Sown Emancipation is an educational service provider company that seeks to close disparity gaps and nurture the MN educational ecosystem by increasing access to engaging programming and products that promote cultural relevance and inclusion in MN educational school & community settings.

How to Help:

  • We are pre-revenue and need fund to develop. Make donations as you engage, get swag, or use our free services
  • We have a store. Buy our products, classes, or curriculum
  • Help us spread awareness and follow Sown Emancipation on social media
  • Like and share our posts to your following or connect on LinkedIn
  • Visit our website to learn how to join our team or get involved

The V Box

V Box_Primary Logo 01-charcoal

A Sexual Wellness subscription box curated for women.

  • Feedback on marketing position
  • Feedback on product innovation
  • Industry contacts



Trunkdrop provides a free market on-demand delivery platform giving drivers control over their own hourly rate and dispatch while allowing users to prioritize their needs and get whatever they need, wherever they need it.

How to Help:

  • Experience our large-scale live interactive display
  • Download the Trunkdrop apps in the Apple or Google Play stores
  • Give us feedback

Vizworld AI


Vizworld Inc is powering change and fueling business growth with AI.

How to Help:

  • Give us feedback about our demo
  • Subscribe