Ryan Broshar Jan 8, 2014 9:45:42 AM 4 min read

Apruve makes buying stuff for work a whole lot easier

If you work, you've probably experienced this at some point in your career - you want to purchase something, say a stapler, you know exactly what you want to buy, however, YOU can't buy it because YOU need approval from a superior to purchase anything. Therefore, you either put it on your personal card or send it to someone in a different cube and have them make the purchase. This black hole of a process is frustrating, and Apruve has a solution.

Apruve allows you to checkout and charge your stapler right to your company, or client, with an email – no credit card or expense report needed. Think PayPal, but for business spending.

We're excited to include Apruve as a Beta.MN 1.0 start-up presenter. To find out more about Apruve, we asked a few questions to the Founder and CEO - Michael Noble.

Ryan: How did Apruve come to be?

Michael: While at Limewire, I saw an employee get fired for credit card abuse. Neal came from Concur, the largest expense report management company in the world, and probably the most hated. We asked ourselves if people could get the stuff they needed to do their job without needing a credit card or an expense report. Answering that question led us to create Apruve, the easiest and safest way to buy stuff for your business.

Ryan: How's the development coming thus far?

Michael: Apruve launched its first publicly available and approved plugin for Magento, the world’s largest e-commerce platform. This means that any Magento merchants that want to offer a better B2B payment experience using Apruve, can now add the Apruve button with just a few clicks.

Ryan: Very nice. Where do you see Apruve in one year?

Michael: Apruve will have its early adopters off and running, our SaaS subscription service will be more refined and we will be investing more heavily in sales and marketing to push toward mass business adoption.

Ryan: Right on. Best of luck in the development!

Want to more about Apruve? Buy your ticket to 1.0 now, or go for FREE with a Tweet, and don't forget your stapler.