Ryan Broshar Jan 29, 2014 4:00:49 PM 4 min read

Cympel Makes Online Ads More Effective

Online advertising, love it or hate it, is here to stay…and is growing exponentially each day.  Today, most of these ads simply are “click and redirect” style ads.  The process usually follows this: “Hey, I like those shoes!” –-> CLICK –-> new window opens to advertisers website and 10-15 clicks later you may actually purchase something.  This exhaustive process benefits neither the content provider nor advertiser.  Too many clicks and redirects.

Enter Cympel.  Jesse and Courtland’s ad technology allows for advertisements to be dynamic and essentially mini e-commerce portals.  Entire transactions can happen within an advertisement without all the redirects and clicks.  Content providers are happy (eyeballs stay on their website) and advertisers are happy (easier transaction process).  Cympel is well…simple.

We are excited to have Cympel demoing their technology as the Beta.MN 1.0 event.  We caught up with its co-founders Jesse & Courtland to see what they are up to prior to the Beta.MN

Ryan: Hey guys, tell us a bit about Cympel’s history

Jesse & Courtland: We were working as systems analysts at Best Buy. We saw the wealth of data that corporations have on their customers and saw that advertising campaigns are seriously lacking in their ability to leverage this data to provide personalized, relevant and effective offers.

Ryan: Makes sense.  What are some recent company achievements?

Jesse & Courland: We just landed Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska as a client. We are building an intelligent display ad campaign for them that qualifies leads for subsidized health insurance directly in the ad without any redirection.

Ryan: Nice work! What’s next for you guys?

Jesse & Courtland: A year from now, Cympel will have built a set of tools that will be used by large multi-national brands in their advertising campaigns. We will also start to see some traction in building a new type of ad network, one in which the user never has to leave the website or the smartphone app they are in, to interact with the advertising brand.

Ryan: Ambitious.  Love it! Best of luck you guys!

Make sure to hit up Jesse & Courtland at the – SOLD OUT – Beta.MN 1.0 event.  Their technology is impressive and they are tackling a major obstacle in online advertising.  See you all there tomorrow night!