Ryan Broshar Jan 30, 2014 7:00:32 AM 5 min read

Playtabase Creates a Clickable-World

The future is now and it includes Playtabase’s “clickable world” technology.  At the intersection of “The Internet of Things” and “Virtual Reality”, sits reemo - Playtabase's wrist worn watch that controls your world.  Reemo's technology allows you to control items in your house simply using your hands to “point and gesture”.

Want that lamp across the room to turn dim?  Point + gesture = dimmed light.  Yep, it’s that crazy easy.

Don’t believe us?  Check out this demo video that shows Playtabase in action:

[embed width="480" height="360"]http://youtu.be/XH-rdYoj8H0[/embed]

Pretty cool, right? We caught up with Playtabase’s founder, Muhammad Abdurrahman, prior to the Beta.MN 1.0 event tonight to hear where their technology is headed these days.

Ryan: Impressive technology.  How did Playtabase come to be?

Muhammad: Playtabase creates fun solutions to reinvent your world. That’s why we exist.  I see a lot of people, young and old, in jobs they don’t enjoy and/or feeling like their company or work makes little difference to anyone.  That isn’t our culture.   We seek out problems to solve in fun ways.

Some of our family members have limited mobility.  Their homes and other environments aren’t really optimal for them to control.  Light switches are high and in fixed locations. Flicking through menus on cracked screens isn’t optimal either, especially for seniors.  Inspired by the accessibility of the computer mouse and the emerging internet of things, we began to develop our wearable mouse for point and gesture control of connected devices.  We began focusing on building the Clickable World.

We’ve received encouragement from seniors, those with limited mobility, and from younger more able-bodied people telling us this will make a difference in their lives and it should be a lot of fun to boot.  So, we’re honored to be pushing forward.

Ryan: You’ve been getting a lot of attention lately.  Who has you on their radar?

Muhammad: We were named 2013 Minnesota Cup Finalists in August.  In December, we were chosen as just one of five finalists in the nation for AgePower, Ecumen’s search for tech with both popular and healthcare appeal.

Ryan: Congrats! What can expect from Playtabase over the next year?

Muhammad: In one year, we’re excited to see the Clickable World begin to emerge in among early adopters pointing and waving their hands at electronics in their homes, offices, and other environments!  As that happens, we’ll be measuring the time between delivery of early-ordered product and the second order from early adopters as well as size of second order. Informed by best practices and actual interactions, customer service and support processes will be documented, clear, and consistent.

Ryan: Best of luck and keep pushing the boundaries!

See the future, tonight at the Beta.MN 1.0 event.  Make sure to connect with Muhammad and his team as Playtabase’s demo is sure to not disappoint.  See you all tonight!