Ryan Broshar Jan 28, 2014 7:00:28 AM 5 min read

Docalytics Makes Digital Documents Smarter

BILLIONS of documents are transferred between businesses and their potential customers every day. White papers, sales documents, presentations, etc. These documents are great for lead generation…if you can capture the user's information.

How do you make smarter documents that generate leads, provide analytics for improvement and integrate with multiple market platforms? You use Docalytics...of course! Evan, Ryan and Steve have created a sexy document analytics platform that online marketers can use to capture leads, track documents, and improve marketing content via online documents.

We recently caught up with Evan Carothers, Founder & CEO, prior to their participation in the upcoming Beta.MN 1.0 event.

Ryan: Tell us about your beginnings…especially your Start-up Weekend roots.

Evan: The spark for the idea for Docalytics came about in early 2012 when I was speaking with a marketing consultant, who was producing and distributing branded white papers for companies in the twin cities. These companies were “gating” their content with a long form, to capture the prospect before they could read the content. I was shocked to learn that only two percent of prospects were filling out this form - making the content largely unused and leaving thousands of potentially valid leads on the table.

I then produced a proof-of-concept for Docalytics “progressive lead capture” viewing platform, which brought to Start-up Weekend Twin Cities in early 2012. Here I met Co-Founder Ryan Morlok, and with the help of a few others we won the contest, and initial market validation.

Ryan and I continued to build Docalytics after SWTC, and brought Steve Peck on board as an additional Co-Founder. Docalytics also participated in the MN Cup in 2012, where we were one of the 3 finalists in the high-tech division. After bootstrapping on nights/weekends to finalize the product, the team joined start-up accelerator Gener8tor out of Milwaukee for their summer 2013 class, and we are now in the process of closing our $500k series AA round of financing.

Ryan: What have you been working on as of late?

Evan: We recently finalized full API integrations and marketplace listings with the nation’s leading marketing automation and CRM systems (Salesforce.com, Marketo, Hubspot), enabling our platform to provide an increase in value for our customer’s from their existing investments in these technologies, and allowing our solution to perform more effectively and gain increased visibility in the marketplace. Additionally, we have recently inked a deal with a large content marketing agency which plans to utilize Docalytics to distribute, track, and improve document-based content for some of the nation’s largest and most well-known B2B brands.

Ryan: That’s awesome! What’s next for you guys?

Evan: As Docalytics continues to grow, we anticipate our customer base to include some of the best companies, agencies, and thought-leaders in the content marketing and B2B ecosystem. We are scaling fast, hiring smart individuals in the Twin Cities area, and are ramping up our product, team, and vision to position ourselves for an attractive Series A financing in 12 to 14 months. Our product roadmap will turn our already valuable platform into the go-to solutions for sales/marketing document distribution, tracking, and improvement.

Ryan: That’s great to hear. Keep on hustling!

Steve and Ryan will be demoing the Docalytics platform at the Beta.MN 1.0 event on Thursday night. I’ve known these guys for sometime and they’ve got huge potential. Meet them now before they blow up! Beta.MN 1.0 tickets are almost sold out so grab yours NOW!