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BETA Showcase Lifts Up JockLab Through Networking

BETA Showcase Lifts Up JockLab Through Networking

One of the most beloved startup events, BETA Showcase brings people across the Minnesota startup community together to learn about companies and connect with one another.

More than 150 startups have demoed at Showcase since 2014 — spreading awareness about their product, generating new customers and even fostering connections that have led to investments or new employees.

Alijah Nelson, CEO of JockLab, said networking was the most valuable aspect of the BETA Showcase his team participated in.

“One thing we learned was how valuable the networking aspect of it is,” he said.


Networking at Showcase

Founded in 2019 by a group of Gustavus Adolphus students, JockLab is a sports science company that enhances sports performance and training through the use of robotics. 

Their flagship product is a basketball training robot that allows athletes to automate repetition and use intelligence to handle all use cases. 

“We like to be engaged with our community,” said Nelson of past product meetups and startup competitions the growing company has participated in. “There’s a tight community of entrepreneurs here.”

JockLab decided to give the Summer 2020 BETA Showcase a shot because it was another way for them to engage with this community, he said.

The young startup ended up winning the Showcase trophy, creating widespread awareness and hype that reverberated across the Twin Cities. 

“Winning the trophy was big, but networking is so important in business — it shortens the path to success,” Nelson said about the experience. “That’s been the biggest thing for us,” he added.

JockLab has been networking with “a lot of people” since the event, and these people sharing advice and their own networks helps a lot, he said. 

One of the biggest challenges the company faces is that there’s not a lot of hardware in Minnesota — and if it is, it’s medtech or apps, not sports science equipment.

Showcase helped JockLab find people who have been friendly and giving the team tips, Nelson said.

“One thing I’ve learned doing JockLab is that networking really does help, we don’t know everything,” Nelson said. 

“It gives you an extra set of eyes as well,” he added, mentioning that as founders sometimes one can get so caught up in their business that they forget things here and there. “It helps to talk about your ideas with other people and get advice.”

JockLab is now developing their fifth prototype, which will launch them into manufacturing in early 2021.

Nelson added that Showcase is a good way to become more visible in the startup community as well. “I’d definitely recommend it.”


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