Reed Robinson Oct 2, 2017 9:53:23 AM 2 min read

Change your Relationship With Water With Fluid


Water is the lifeblood of any home. If you don’t believe that, then try going a few days without it. It’s also one of our most precious resources. However, the only relationship we have with the water we use is through our monthly water bill.

For such a critical component of any home, it has had remarkably little innovation. FluidWaterMeter aims to change that.

FluidWaterMeter has several components. First, you receive and attach their simple to use water meter inside you home. The meter will begin mapping out flow patterns and water pressure across your abode. All of this data is available over your phone, where you can monitor and spot anomalies.

Is there a leak in the basement? You’ll be able to get to it before you end up having to pay out the big bucks. Is your kid’s shower time becoming a little excessive? FLUID changes the relationship you have with the water you use. It helps you detect leaks, conserve water and save money.

If you want to learn how to take control of your home’s most important resource, check out the Showcase at Target Plaza on 10/10. Tickets are running dry… get it?