Reed Robinson Oct 4, 2017 10:10:20 PM 4 min read

Round up your Friends and Have a Good Time with Lasso

Throwing a great party can be tough. Finding someone who knows how to throw a good party is tougher. Finding someone who can throw a good party, and convincing them to do it, the toughest. Until Lasso came along, that is.

Lasso sprung from the desire to bring people together. Originally called RoundUp, the product focused on easing the planning of social gatherings.

After following that path for a time, the idea of directly rewarding groups, and the individuals who bring them together, began to take form. While there was no shortage of social planning applications, there was nothing in the market that actually incentivized people to organize events.

Lasso began working with local businesses to offer increasing discounts based on the size of a group. The more people in the group, the more free drinks or the better discount the group receives. This allows users to incentivize (read “bribe”) their friends to come hang out at fun spots and save money at the same time. No waiting for points or punches, they earn rewards instantly. By offering users discounts and free drinks and food in return for gathering their crew at partner establishments, Lasso encourages more frequent and genuine in-person gettogethers.

While many loyalty programs have moved to mobile, the way in which rewards are earned hasn’t fundamentally changed. Lasso extends the traditional loyalty model. Rather than defining a customer’s value based on the frequency with which they visit, Lasso rewards based on an individual’s network and their ability to influence their peers. While loyal customers are great, we believe your best customers are the ones who promote to their friends and family.

Round up your closest friends to check out Lasso, along with the many other emerging tech companies demoing at the next showcase on 10/10.