Reed Robinson Sep 28, 2017 2:04:36 PM 2 min read

Take your Game to the Next Level with UndeRecruited Preps

Each year, new starry eyed prep athletes will attempt to join the select class of student athletes powering the American juggernaut that is college athletics. But, unfortunately, only 460,000 of the millions high school athletes will move on to the next level.

For the average high school athlete, scoring a coveted athletic scholarship is journey filled with uncertainty. UnderRecruited Preps aims to solve that. After playing division one football, Francis Kanneh realized how frustrating the recruiting process was for him and his fellow teammates. Francis decided to create UnderRecruited Preps to help athletes navigate the perilous recruiting journey.

UnderRecruited Preps allows athletes to stand out by developing their own athletic profiles, showcasing their abilities on and off the field. Using the program, Each athlete gains access to 50,000 college coaches. UnderRecruited Preps also walks each athlete through the recruiting process, teaching them all the fundamentals.

If you are a high school athlete or know of one who you want to support, come check out everything UnderRecruited Preps has to offer at the upcoming Showcase on 10/10 at Target Plaza!