The Social Lights Mar 17, 2017 1:23:53 PM 3 min read

Corridor Leads the Way for Music Education


Jay Fuchs and Dan Musselman literally wrote the book on music education. Teachers at St. Paul’s McNally Smith College, the two developed curriculum and wrote textbooks for their students. Soon after, they received requests from outside institutions, showing interest in their teaching materials.

In addition to these requests, Dan and Jay had been on the hunt for supplementary online resources to bolster their training programs. They found an absence of quality educative materials in music theory, so they set out to change that.

The two teamed up with friend and talented web developer Aaron Scherbing, aiming to create an online music-education platform that would combine music theory, ear training, and keyboard education. After a 3-month journey, the team founded Corridor.

Corridor is an online resource that provides step-by-step instruction for learners of all ages. The platform operates on three types of learning, seeing, hearing, and playing, to help students hone in and master their musical skills. The program is currently being used at several schools across the nation, and the team is excited for the milestones that lay ahead.

Corridor will be one of 12 startups featured at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase event. The event will be held at the Machine Shop, running from 5:30-8pm CT. Tickets are moving fast, so reserve your spot today!