Laura Beier Apr 21, 2021 1:47:11 PM 5 min read

Support these MN startups addressing systemic racism & public safety


Our hearts are heavy during this time of continued police brutality, injustice, and military occupation in Minnesota.

We’ve pulled together a list of Minnesota startups that are addressing systemic racism and public safety, to lift up members of the BIPOC community. Please support, share, and lift up these founders!


TurnSignl is an on-demand, real-time app and service that facilitates and records interactions between law enforcement and drivers during traffic stops and accidents. In the event a driver is pulled over or gets into an accident, they can access a live legal representative at the touch of a button or voice command. 

Run by Jazz Hampton, Andre Creighton, and Mychal Frelix — who all hail from different backgrounds in law, finance, and technology sales — TurnSignl is launching in Minnesota but has plans to expand throughout the United States in the next year. 


Founded in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota in 2017, Vitals Aware Services is a Twin Cities-based company building technology for social good. Vitals works to use technology to bridge gaps of communication between first responders and individuals during times of crisis. Their mission is to increase safety and independence for people living with invisible and visible conditions and disabilities, while also providing first responders with the information needed for safer interactions.


A member of our Spring 2021 BETA Cohort, LegalQ works to provide on-demand attorneys and make legal advice easy, accessible and affordable. With a free app, users can be connected to attorneys instantly and on a pay-for-what-you-need basis. 


ClutchSOS is a “security system for you.” The app, when activated, tracks location, records audio, and allows your family and friends to follow along. Developed by a professor and students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the app can help prevent sexual violence, traffic disputes, and provide evidence for any needed prosecution.


Another member of the Spring 2021 BETA Cohort and Spring Showcase winner, Black Tech Talent aims to increase the representation of Black technologists in both corporate careers and entrepreneurship by curating a pipeline of job opportunities, education, community and culturally specific content. Founded in July 2020, Black Tech Talent has grown their community to 2,000+ members, gained 17 corporate clients, won multiple awards and grants including the Star Tribune Connect grant. In 2021 they’re focused on conducting Black employee retention research, raising a round of funding, and producing their own Tech summit.


SIID Technologies, founded by Eri O’Diah, develops social impact solutions to mitigate institutionalized biases. With increasing consumer awareness around diversity, inclusivity, and representation, SIID Technologies works to provide more understanding of how to communicate with awareness and drive equitable outcomes by harnessing the power of machine learning. They’re currently building tools that address disparages within systems that greatly impact underrepresented and economically challenged groups.


If you are a startup working to address inequalities in Minnesota, or know of one we missed, please reach out to and we will add you to this list!

Help us create a more equitable community by supporting these local change makers!